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New iPad – what can we expect?
Published - MARCH 18, 2016

The Apple event on 21 March is almost upon us and the last few months have seen speculation grow about what products will be announced. One of these expected products is an updated iPad Air 3, though as we wrote in our post on 8 March it is expected that this will be renamed as a version of the iPad Pro. Whilst we hope that this not the case because we stand the confusing nomenclature, we do welcome some of the shared features that the new iPad (whatever it ends up being called!) is expected to have.
The new model is expected to have the same A9X chip as the iPad Pro, the same quad speakers found on the Pro model, and a Smart Connector (for Apples Smart Keyboard) which would all be significant upgrades on  the current model.
The iPad Air 2 was announced in September 2014 so an upgrade is well over due and the expectation is that the new iPad will be even thinner than the iPad Air 2 - the aluminium used in its construction will have be stronger than it is in the current model if we are to avoid another “bendgate” outcry like we had with the iPhone 6!

The rear camera is expected to get an upgrade from 5 megapixels to 8 and also get a flash, though e quite like the “relatively” poor camera on the iPad - an iPad is not a realistic option for taking photos in most (and arguably any) situations so the fact that most phones have a better camera discourages the use of the iPad as a camera. Is the new 8 megapixel camera just going to mean that more people will take iPads to concerts and block your view?!

The front camera is also likely to get a boost to 2.1 megapixels which makes more sense as this is probably the camera that gets most use an iPad due to things like Facetime and Skype.

We don’t particularly expect the storage or pricing to change, though it would make sense to drop the 16gb version and replace it with a 32gb version or even start the 64gb at the price point of the current 16gb version. Whatever the final outcome the new iPad will be available through our referral affiliate FreebieJeebies after release and will be available for significantly less than through Apple directly (and possibly even for free!) and you can start collecting referrals now ahead of release.

New iPhone – what can we expect?
Published - MARCH 14,2016

With only a week to go before the Apple press event on 21 March speculation surrounding the release of a new model iPhone nails it as a certainty that something will be announced. Based on all of the rumours circulating, we have listed some predictions about the phone below!
  • Name; various names have been circulating including 5SE, 6SE, 6C or even just the SE. We think Apple will go for the iPhone SE, including a number in there could cause confusion as to which iteration of the iPhone family it belongs to given that its release will be off kilter with the other iPhones so we think Apple will ditch reference to a number.
  • Size; everything points to a 4 inch screen similar to the iPhone 5. Many people regard the iPhone 5 as being the best sized and most comfortable phone out there and bemoan the lack of an iPhone to fill the gap at that size. Apple seem to have listened and we expect the new phone to fill that gap.
  • Design; all rumors point to a design in keeping with the current 6S, though with a thickness close to that of the iPhone 5. Whilst this might cause confusion as to which iteration of the iPhone the new phone belongs to (see above), we think apple will keep to what was generally a very well received design. We don’t think Apple will repeat the plastic back that they introduced in the 5C, that was widely panned by critics and customers alike who have become accustomed to the premium look and feel that usually come with Apple products.
  • Camera; we think the camera will get the same 12 megapixel shooter that comes with the 6S. This makes sense from a business perspective (buying the sensors in bulk will keep costs lower so being able to choose which phone they go to will give even more flexibility with overheads for Apple). It won’t have the Optical Image Stabilisation of the 6S Plus – this is a premium feature and would be too expensive to implement into what is expected to be a (relatively) budget priced phone. Live photos will feature, we think Apple will really try to push this feature as a USP for iPhones in the future to differentiate them from their rivals.
  • Price: the 5C started off at $350 (handset only) and whilst the new SE will be the “budget” member of the iPhone family, we think Apple will market it as a more “premium” device than the 5C and up the price accordingly. Expect it to start at $400 to $500, or £320-£390.
  • Release Date: usually Apple leave a run in of about 2 weeks from announcement to launch which serves to increase excitement ahead of launch and to push a pre-order system which helps them to get incredible release sales figures. A lot of rumours are suggesting that they will abandon this with the SE given that it is not a flagship device. This would still be unusual for Apple but makes sense – they have a court case scheduled on 22 March to deal with their refusal to de-encrypt a phone used by one of the San Bernadinhio shooters and the publicity from this could overshadow the announcements made on 21 March. A quick release of a new product after this might allow them to divert attention to something more positive.
Be sure to check back after 21 March to see how many we got right!
The new iPhone will be available through our referral affiliate FreebieJeebies shortly after release and will provide the details on how to get it for an incredibly low cost (or even free) as soon as we have them. You can of course start to get the referrals in place now ahead of release so that you can get the new iPhone as soon after release as possible.

Will we see a new Apple Watch at the 21 March Apple event?
Published - MARCH 11, 2016

With Apple's upcoming 21 March news event rapidly approaching we look some of the rumors regarding a possible second generation Apple Watch.
Release date
The first generation Apple Watch was released almost a year ago so it makes sense for Apple to update this at the upcoming event, however Apple Analysts are unsure about this and many are predicting that the second generation will arrive later in the year – possibly as late as September when there is expected to be an announcement about the new iPhone 7. Other rumors discuss leaks from the Chinese manufacturer of the first generation Apple Watch where investors were apparently told that there would be a June release.
It could be that Apple will announce the new Watch at the March event and release it some time later, like they did with the first generation which was announced in September but not released until the following April.
One of the biggest complaints about the first Apple Watch was its poor battery life – barely lasting a day for most people. Apple are thought to be looking at implementing a thinner OLED display which would allow more space for a bigger battery and they are also rumoured to be looking at more efficient processors.
There is also talk about integrating a camera so that people can use Facetime on their Watch. While this would be pretty cool and allow us to act out our spy fantasies, we are not sure how practical this would be – imagine having to hold your wrist in from of you the whole time while Facetiming?
Apple don’t seem too keen to change the design of their Watch so expect it’s shape to remain more or less the same rather than adopting the rounded face that other smart watches go for.
Most analysts seem to agree that whether or not a new Watch is announced, we will certainly get new bands and maybe even a rumoured smart band! Apple filed a patent setting out details of a magnetic band that could be moulded into various shapes when off the wrist in order to help with transport and gripping to other objects. Apple Watch sold fairly well - 4 million units which put it only behind Fitbit as a wearable tech manufacturer – so Apple may decide they do not need to do anything too revolutionary just yet. It would be nice to see the smart band, but we don’t think that this will be a feature announced at the event.
The new Apple Watch is expected to keep in line with the pricing of the first generation, though it will be available through our referral affiliate FreebieJeebies shortly after release and will be available for significantly less than through Apple directly (and possibly even for free!). We will provide more details once these are known but you can of start to get the referrals in place now ahead of release so that you can get it as soon as it is released.

What to expect at the 21 March Apple Event
Published - MARCH 8, 2016

Whenever Apple announces that it is holding an event, speculation over what new products they will release always kicks into overdrive and the event scheduled for 21 March 2016 is no exception, but what can we expect?

New iPad and Watch?

A new iPad and Apple Watch would make sense in terms of the usual product cycles – the current iPad Air and the first generation Apple Watch were both announced in October 2014, with the iPad Air being released the same month while the Apple Watch became available for pre-order on 10 April 2015 and shipped on 24 April 2015. Whilst an iPad Pro was announced in September 2015, this is arguably a whole new product (with a 12.9 inch screen) rather than a further iteration of the existing model (with a 9.7 inch screen), so an updated iPad is overdue.

Indeed, leaks apparently coming from Apple suggest that the next generation of the iPad Air will be branded as a 9.7 inch iPad Pro borrowing its 12.9 inch brother’s processor, speakers, and connections. We do wish Apple would settle on a consistent nomenclature for it’s iPads – iPad Mini, Air, and Pro are perfectly good names for the various sizes so why not keep that naming consistent across the brand? Dispensing with the Air and replacing it with a smaller Pro just smacks of a company that hasn’t really thought through its product lines and launches.

Other rumors point to no new Apple Watch at this event, though new bands for the Watch may be announced. More likely is that a version 2 will be announced in September which is the usual time for Apple to announce updates to its iPhone range. If, as expected, a new iPhone 7 anyone is announced in September along with a new Apple Watch 2 then the inference is that there may be even better integration of the two products with each other. We will know more later this year.

iPhone SE?

iPhone only announced the latest iPhone, the 6S in September 2015 so it is a little early (and completely out of line with Apple’s usual product cycles) to expect the next generation to be announced in March, however there are strong rumors of a new (smaller) iPhone which is likely to be called the iPhone SE or the 5SE. It is now two and a half years since the iPhone 5C was announced and many analysts think Apple is gearing up to replace this. Whilst the SE is not expected to have the plastic back of the 5C, nor be called a 6C (which would be logical), all roads point to this new product being announced on March 21.

If rumors are to be believed, the new iPhone will have a 4 inch screen similar to the iPhone 5 but be more in keeping with the iPhone 6S in terms of design and processor speed. It is also expected to have the same 12 megapixel camera as the iPhone 6S but no 3D touch, which in our opinion has so far failed to prove its value so dispensing with it in favor of better battery life would be a pig plus.

The big selling point however is likely to be the price which is estimated will be between $400-$500  ( handset only) which will probably translate at about £320-£390.

How to get hold of them?

Whatever is released, the new products will be available through our referral affiliate FreebieJeebies so check back with us after 21 March for all the details on how to get the items for an incredibly low cost (or even free). You can even start to get the referrals in place now ahead of 21 March so that you can get your chosen product as soon after release as possible.