A couple of poems

8 June 2019

I haven’t written much poetry recently, but here are a couple:


Walk home


In February’s childhood, splinters of rain

spent themselves on pillaging the afternoon;


and so shambling onstage as the opening band for dusk,

from within the green room shoreline of hidden edges,

came lavender billows of continental cumulonimbus.


Across a fresco of bleached blue, aircraft threw their

vapour trails of peach and apricot, tailing off into gibberish

Morse, unzipping the sky, opening the way for the traveller

whose passport is a day’s meaningful work.



Love letter


I wrote you a love letter in necklace form,

Someone else’s thoughts in lieu of words.


And you wrote back in the form of


a seed-head blanket, wind-rippled,

pulsing electrically in a world platinum with the bellies

of leaves that sussurate like clouds of anxious fish;


of ozone’s prophetic redolence;


of Boot’s Folly, a sentinel who sees rocks stacks

claw at Derwent Edge like grappling hooks

looking to expedite geological time;


of rhododendrons, an argument between purple and pink

that slashes like the strokes of a child’s paintbrush;


of a cottonwood fluff carpet, the desiccated husks of clouds

or the spent souls of wishes.


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