About Jon

These are the pages of Jon Cooper, who, at a given moment in time, could be wearing any one of a number of hats. Chief amongst these are the trilby of fatherhood, the crash helmet of teaching, the deerstalker of song writing, the sombrero of opinionated blogging, and the baseball cap of Pearl Jam fan-dom. Jon periodically sports the Stetson of stupidity.

Jon likes ‘Western’ books and films, Middle-Eastern food, heavy rain, Twin Peaks, things Jesus did, and coffee (black). He does not own a tablet as yet. Jon’s garden is a mess, and he often stares at a fixed point on the ceiling during important conversations. He avoids jelly sweets such as Haribo. If he were an animal, he would be an eagle, as they get good views of lakes and mountains. Under no circumstances should you ask Jon to put up a shelf or assemble flat-packed furniture.

You can follow Jon on Twitter – @joncooperwrites. You can email Jon, too – jon@joncooper.info. He cannot, however, be contacted by messenger pigeon, smoke signal, or Morse code.