Course progression for LCF English clubs

This is an introduction to our English language courses including downloadable sample lesson plans from three of our main courses, to show you the quality of materials and the scope of learning abilities that we cover.

Our informal and friendly clubs provide the best and safest environment for children to develop their self-confidence. The activities in our English language clubs for kids include storytelling, drama, crafts and many fun songs and games. If you teach English with LCF courses you and your students will have fun.

Our English course lessons are short and focused whole-class lessons, with engaging and stimulating tasks. They contain opportunities for cross-curricular activities, with regular monitoring and assessment of progress. Teach English with LCF courses . You won't need to spend time preparing lessons, our lessons are planned for you!
As a supplement to your lesson plans, Englishzone for School and Home are online collections of games, songs and activities for independent or group learning from toddlers up to Juniors.

Children can start learning English with The Kids Club at any age. Our flexible English lessons are designed for all age groups from toddlers to adults, including beginners at every level.

Designed by our team of educators and teachers, EnglishZone is a fun and interactive language website used by many schools and home learners in the UK and abroad.

LCF Baby Club and Jazz-Mataz (6 months to 5 years)

It is your child's first exposure to the English language. This dynamic programme is packed with action songs, rhymes, games and stories. Our methodology was created for the young learner and make learning interesting and fun! Also included is Jazz-Mataz Gym for a more fun and active club session.

LCF Green, Red and Orange courses, then Kids Club Years 2-5 (progression to Cambridge "Flyers Test" for Young Learners)

This is a complete introduction to the English language through a structured approach with interactive games, drama and acting, story telling, fun songs and crafts. Children learn quickly and happily from our method based on communication and expression.

Our Kids Club courses are very popular, and are currently used to teach English to children and adults internationally.

Year THREE materials are suitable for learners who can understand and respond to a range of simple spoken or written English in a familiar context. ("Starters Test" for Cambridge Examinations - CEFR level = Pre A1 towards A1)

Download a sample lesson from Kids Club Year 3:

Year FOUR materials are suitable for learners who can understand and respond to a wider range of spoken or written English in familiar context. Their responses are starting to show adaptation of simple grammatical structures. ("Movers Test" for Cambridge YLE Examinations - CEFR level = A1)

Download a sample lesson from Kids Club Year 4:

Year FIVE materials are suitable for learners who have reached (and are confident with) CEFR level A2. ("Flyers Test" for Cambridge YLE Examinations)

Students studying English with the Kids Club years 1-5 will use a Student book during lessons, and a Reading or Activity book for home and independent study. For more information about the Student books and to see sample pages view our guide to LCF English courses. (Opens in new window)

English for Juniors (Intermediate level) Parts 1 - 2 - 3

This course is for young people who have some experience with English or have progressed through the Kid’s Club programme. It is not a beginner’s course. Some activities are found online in ‘Juniorzone’ so access to computers or an Interactive Whiteboard is necessary for some lessons. Audio clips can be found on the course CD, but can also be downloaded from Juniorzone. Its aim is to help prepare young teenagers who hope to take English examinations where it is important that they be able to communicate effectively with other speakers of English. (For example: the Cambridge University Examinations Board) (CEFR level = B1)

Download a sample lesson from English for Juniors:

English course for Adult learners Part 1 (Levels 1,2,3) Part 2 (Levels 4,5,6)

The aim of LCF English for every day - Levels 1-2-3 is to give beginners or false beginners a basic grounding in functional English. At the end of the course, they are expected to reach pre-intermediate level. Past, present and future are introduced and covered with graded complexity, allowing students to go into these aspects in greater depth in Levels 4-5-6. Every lesson has a Reference sheet to remind students of the main language points covered in the lesson.

Download a sample lesson from English for Adult learners:

English for Business parts 1 & 2

Learn essential business vocabulary in the context of business skills. LCF English for Business builds upon and revises vocabulary already learnt in our previous courses. This will prove useful in general business communication in the English Language. Contents includes preparing presentations, written communication, sales and meetings etc.

Download a sample lesson from English for Business:

Supplementary courses:

Phonics Extra

Phonics Extra is a course designed to complement the teaching of English. The approach to phonics is essentially synthetic and focuses on the 44 phonemes of the English language, linking each phoneme to possible graphemes through a bank of relevant key-words. The course also leads to work at sentence level.

English Drama Course for Kids Club

Teach English through Drama! Children are progressively introduced to drama techniques as well as English vocabulary and structures. The drama projects culminate with performances for parents or in schools.

Holiday courses - Christmas, Easter, Summer

Short courses with themed material aimed at all ages and abilities.

Day Camp course

A summer holiday day camp course with fun activities with an English theme.

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